Stick with a plan for family devotions – it will be worth it.

How to use this devotion:


Pray – God wants us to know Him and His plan for us through Jesus Christ so He has given us His Word. Start by asking God to help everyone listen and understand what you are about to read.

Read – Engaging with God’s Word every day is key. Read the scripture reference from the Bible to emphasize that God speaks to us through His Word. Shorten or lengthen the Bible reading according to your child’s attention span, but do not leave this part out. Even when you have limited time for devotions read God’s Word.

Listen – These short comments will help you explain God’s Word.

Truth –  Stating the truth will help your child know what the Scripture teaches about God and His plan.

Discuss – Asking good questions stimulates the mind and heart. Engage your family in discussion and encourage application of God’s Word to everyday life.

Memorize – The memory verses are a presentation of the Gospel. You will know the Gospel after memorizing these verses.

Pray – End by thanking God for His love and grace.