Matthew 26:14-25


Jesus knew everything that was going to happen. He knew the exact place where He would eat the Passover meal with His friends, the disciples. The Passover meal was the beginning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. When God gave the Jewish people instructions for the Passover meal He said to make bread without leaven.  What is leaven? Leaven makes the bread rise. Leaven is a picture of evil and God did not want them to have any evil in their houses or hearts. Before they applied the blood of the lamb over the door of their house and ate the Passover meal, they were to get rid of everything that was evil. And before Jesus ate the Passover meal with His friends, He got rid of the evil in the room.

The disciples were alarmed when Jesus said that one of them was going to betray Him. How could one of the disciples help Jesus’ enemies arrest Him?  Each disciple thought, “Could Jesus be speaking of me?” Jesus had just told them the truth about the pride in their hearts (Mark 9:33-35 and 10:35-45). They realized that Jesus knew them better than they knew themselves. They did not want any sin to keep them from Jesus’ love.  

Judas was different. He had been with Jesus a long time but did not believe what Jesus taught. When Judas heard Jesus’ warning, he did not ask Jesus to forgive him. Without Jesus’ forgiveness, Judas would have to take the horrible punishment for his own sin. When Judas died, he would not be with God in heaven. Judas would be in a place of pain and sadness, far, far away from God. The Bible calls this awful place “hell”. 


Jesus knows everything before it happens



  1. Why did the Jewish people eat bread without leaven?
  2. What did Jesus know was about to happen?
  3. Why should a person ask for Jesus’ forgiveness?


Acts 2: 9-31
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