Matthew 21: 12 – 17


Children loved Jesus. He taught them true stories about God and they knew Jesus was the Messiah King God promised to send (Matthew 11:25-26). Why did the religious leaders hate Jesus so much (Luke 19:47)?

The day Jesus came into the temple the religious leaders thought, “Who is this Jesus coming in like he owns the place and turning over our tables?” As coins rolled out of sight, birds flew off, and animals got loose, they were angry. Passover was when the religious leaders made most of their money. When rich and poor people came to Jerusalem for the Passover they bought an animal or bird for the Passover sacrifice. And each person had to pay a tax for the upkeep of the temple. The temple tax was paid with Jewish money. When people did not have Jewish money, they exchanged their money for Jewish money. The religious leaders charged people too much money in the exchange. This is why Jesus called them robbers. Jesus was angry that these men were stealing from the people when they should have been leading them closer to God. 

The religious leaders hated Jesus for many reasons. They were jealous that the people loved Him. They did not want to believe that Jesus was the Messiah King. And they did not like it when Jesus talked about the sin in their hearts,so they planned to kill Jesus.


Jesus is the Messiah King God promised to send.



  1. Why did all the people come to Jerusalem?
  2.     Why was Jesus angry?
  3. Why were the religious leaders angry with Jesus?


Acts 2: 22-24
Discuss v.23 “according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God”