John 11:17–27 and 38-44


Who are your good friends? Lazarus, Mary, and Martha were Jesus’ good friends. This was a sad time for them but Jesus wanted his friends to understand something important. When God created the world, everything was good. God made the first people Adam and Eve, and gave them a home with Him in a beautiful place called Eden. Then one day everything changed. Adam and Eve did not obey the rules that God made for them. They wanted to do things their own way. They disobeyed God. This is called sin. Their punishment was to leave beautiful Eden forever. No longer did they talk with God and enjoy His friendship with them. Life outside of Eden was hard. Then one day Adam and Eve died.

Adam was the first father on the earth. Every person born after Adam is like him. We all rather do what we want instead of obeying God (Romans 5:18-19). God loves us so much and it is wrong for us to disobey Him. It is right and fair of God to punish for sin. We all have the same punishment as Adam. Is there any hope for us to enjoy a friendship with God? Jesus told Lazarus, Mary and Martha (and us) something important about God’s plan.

God loves you and planned for Jesus to take your punishment. Jesus came back to life after He died and now lives in heaven. Boys, girls, moms and dads, who believe Jesus took the punishment for their sin are God’s children. God’s children enjoy a relationship with Him. They live with God forever. Although their body may die on earth, they will live in heaven and one day be given a new body. Jesus raised Lazarus to life, and He has the power to give you the new life He promises.


God planned for Jesus to take our punishment for sin.



  1. What do all people want to do instead of obeying God?
  2. What is the punishment for sin?
  3. What does Jesus promise for those who believe in Him?


Acts 2:22-24
Discuss v.22: “Men of Israel, hear these words: Jesus of Nazareth, a man attested to you by God”