Ephesians 4:2-3 “Making peace”


Ephesians 4:2-3 “Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”


There are times when we have disagreements with others. We argue and insist that we are right and the other person is wrong. We expect others to understand and accept our thinking. At the same time, we make little effort to try to understand and accept the thinking of others if they are different from the way we think. We get angry when we think we have been misunderstood. We become defensive and we feel hurt. And sometimes, we do not feel like talking to people whom we have disagreements with. We give them the “silent” treatment. We avoid them. We ignore them. Isn’t that true?

The Lord knows this common experience and failure of ours. So, in Eph.4:2-3, He gives us the following advice to help us prevent and avoid disagreements with others.

  1. Be completely humble and gentle. The Lord does not tell us to be humbler, instead, He tells us to be completely humble and gentle. This means that there is no room for pride and thinking we know more than others, that we are always right. This means that we must always be prepared to be the first to seek forgiveness even when we think we have done nothing wrong. Being gentle means that we are the first to give up our rights for the sake of peace and reconciliation. We must forgive others.
  2. Be patient. When others disagree with us, we show patience by taking the time to hear their point of view. We take the time to understand their thinking. We pray for the people who disagrees with us and wait patiently for the Lord to work in their hearts.
  3. Bearing with one another in love. When we show love and consideration to others, it will cause them to soften and be willing to listen to our point of view. It will be easier to reach an agreement. When we show love to others, they will respond back in love.
  4. Keep the unity of the Spirit. Christians are to remain united at all times. Unless there are major disagreements about Christian doctrine, Christians should stay united because they share the same Holy Spirit. Thus, when Christians are in unity with each other, there is a bond of peace.


Let us pray: Heavenly Father, please help us to remain humble, gentle and patient and showing love to everyone so that there is unity and peace amongst your people at all times. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen



  1. What kind of disagreements do you face with others? Will you set aside your emotions and seek to understand their point of will?
  2. How will you seek to be humble, gentle and patient with others? What steps will you take?
  3. Instead of disagreeing with others, will you seek to takes steps towards peace and reconciliation?
  4. When you apologize for causing hurt to others, do you seek their forgiveness as well? Forgiveness frees you and also the person who was hurt by you.