KL Baptist Church is the fruit of the loving labour of missionaries who saw the need to share the gospel to the people of this land. Southern Baptist missionaries from the United States responded to the cry of some Christians here in Malaya to start a Baptist church for the local Christians and to share the gospel with the many who had not heard. The respond of that request for help arrived in the form of Miss Jessie Green, the first Southern Baptist missionary, who arrived in August 1951.

We had a humble beginnings in a rented shophouse at 37, Pasar Road where bible study and prayer meetings were held. Soon, other meetings included evangelistic meetings, children’s meetings and worship services were conducted in Chinese to cater to the local people here. Eventually, Miss Green was joined by other missionaries like Miss Lau Ching Han from Hong Kong, Miss Mak Kwai Lan and Pastor Loh Yan Kwong from Hong Kong.

On December 14, 1952; Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church, was officially recognized and set up with 18 charter members. Dr Eugene Hill was called to be the honorary pastor and Pastor Loh Yan Kwong was missionary-in-charge.

As the church begins to grow, the time had come to look for a more permanent place to hold the services and to make the presence of the church felt in the community. A search for a piece of land to build the church was launched and after two years, a strategic site in the hub of the city, Bukit Bintang, was eventually found. By God’s grace and provision, the property was bought and work on the church building was completed within a year. On November 20, 1955, KUALA LUMPUR BAPTIST CHURCH dedicated the new building at 70, Cangkat Bukit Bintang (formerly known as Hicks Road) and Pastor Loh Yan Kwong was ordained as the Pastor of the church.

© Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church 2019. All rights reserved.

© Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church 2019. All rights reserved.