Matthew 26:31-35


When a shepherd sees a wolf coming, he warns his sheep with a loud whistle so they will run to safety. Just as a wolf comes to destroy sheep, the enemy of God, Satan, comes to attack God’s children. Jesus knew that Satan was going to tempt His friends to sin in a way they had never known before (Luke 22:31) and He warned them of this danger.

Peter was a strong man. His body was strong from his hard work as a fisherman. Then his spirit became strong from being with Jesus. He learned about love from following Jesus even when it was hard to do. Jesus loved Peter one of His closest friends and a leader among the disciples. Yet had Peter begun to depend too much on his own strength?  

Instead of listening to Jesus’ warning, Peter said he would never stop being Jesus’ friend. Instead of admitting any weakness, Peter thought he was stronger than the rest of the disciples. Instead of asking for Jesus’ help, he thought he could overcome temptation on his own. Peter did not realize he had already fallen into sin because of the pride in his heart. Jesus wanted Peter to learn to ask for His help when tempted by Satan to do something wrong. With time, Peter would learn how to depend on Jesus for this kind of strength that overcomes temptation (1 Peter 5: 4-11). Peter had never felt more pain in his heart than when he sinned against Jesus. And Peter never felt more joy than when he received Jesus’ forgiveness (John 21: 15-23).


Jesus’ forgiveness gives joy and strength to overcome temptation.



  1. What did Jesus know would happen to His friends?
  2. What are ways that Satan tempts people to sin?
  3. What have you learned about asking for Jesus’ help when tempted?


Acts 2: 29-31
Discuss v. 30 “Being therefore a prophet, and knowing that God had sworn with an oath to him”