Matthew 26: 47–56


The disciples wondered, “Why are all these soldiers coming into the garden?” While Jesus was still talking a large crowd of soldiers and religious leaders came to capture Him.  They had never before been able to catch Jesus (Jn 10:39). Therefore, expecting a fight, Jesus’ enemies came with clubs and swords. The disciples were not ready for what happened next.

When a man grabbed Jesus, Peter grabbed his sword and cut off the man’s ear. The soldiers, religious leaders and disciples all believed they were strong enough to win this fight but Jesus was the strongest of them all. Jesus’ words were so powerful that the whole crowd fell to the ground when He spoke (Jn 18:6). With His power Jesus attached the soldier’s ear back in place as if it had never been cut off (Lk. 22:51). Because He had all authority over the angels in heaven, Jesus could have called an army of angels to help Him at any time.

However, Jesus did not use His strength to fight. He knew that God’s plan was greater than the sinful plan of the people. Jesus let Judas kiss Him. Jesus let them capture Him. Jesus let all the disciples leave Him. Jesus had the strength to do everything God sent Him to do (Jn 18:11).


Jesus wanted to do everything God planned.



  1. Why did the people bring clubs and swords to capture Jesus?
  2. How strong is Jesus?
  3. Why did Jesus not fight?


Acts 2: 29-31
Discuss v. 31 “he foresaw and spoke about the resurrection of Christ”