Luke 23: 4-12


Pilate wanted to let Jesus go free when he could not find any law that had been broken. However, Pilate knew that releasing Jesus would anger the religious leaders. When Pilate heard that Jesus used to live in the town of Galilee he sent Him to the government leader of Galilee named Herod. Pilate thought he had the answer to his problem. Now Herod would be the one who had to make a decision about Jesus.  

Herod was eager to meet Jesus. Herod hoped Jesus would perform a miracle for him. At an earlier time Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist talked to Herod about God, but Herod did not like some of the things John taught. Herod put John the Baptist in prison and later had him killed (Mark 6:16-29). Why did Jesus not answer Herod’s questions? Jesus knew Herod only wanted a miracle and did not want to know the truth about God. Herod did not listen to John and he would not listen to Jesus either. 

Herod was angry that Jesus did not talk to him. Herod let his soldiers put a robe on Jesus to make fun of Him. The meeting with Herod was the fifth unfair trial for Jesus. He had not slept all night. His bruised body had been beaten and cut. People had said bad things about Jesus and made fun of Him. After this, Herod sent Jesus back to Pilate. 


Jesus was not guilty of any wrongdoing. 



  1. Who was Herod and what had he done to John the Baptist?
  2. Why did Jesus not answer Herod’s questions?
  3. What caused Jesus to suffer during the trials?


Acts 2:32-33