Heb.10:26 “The Danger Of Falling Away”


Hebrews 10:26 “If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left.”


This verse has been known to cause some Christians to fear that they will lose their salvation if they continue to sin after they become a Christian. A simple reading of this verse on its own may give that impression. However, we know that we must always read verses in their proper context, and also see if any single verse agrees with the wider teaching of the rest of the Bible as a whole.

In Heb.10:25, the writer of Hebrews warns against the practice of “not giving up meeting together.” It seemed that at that time, there were some followers of Jesus Christ who had given up and had turned their backs on their belief in Jesus. They had given up on their faith. So, in v.26, the writer of Hebrews warns that for those who have decided to stop meeting together as Christians, those who have turned their back on their faith in Jesus as their Savior and Lord, “no sacrifice for sins is left.” In other words, such people who reject Jesus Christ’ sacrifice for their sins, there is no other sacrifice left for their sins. Their sins will remain with them and they will face judgment by God. Verse 26 therefore refers to anyone who has committed the sin of apostacy, which is someone who rejected Jesus Christ after they have converted, and they return to living as an unbeliever.

We know someone who heard the gospel message and believed that Jesus Christ died for his sins. So, he invited Jesus into his life as his Lord and Savior. He told his father a few days later that he had become a Christian. His father was very angry with him and demanded that he followed the family tradition and worship idols. This man decided to obey his father and he told us that following Jesus was not for him after all. He would rather obey what his father wants him to do. He stopped meeting with us. He turned down all our invitations to go to church. He lived his life as if he had never heard the gospel before. Jesus confirmed that this would happen when He spoke through a parable in Luke 8:13 about a seed that fell om rocky ground. The seed referred to someone who had received the gospel message with joy when he or she heard it. There is belief in the gospel but only for a while because at the first sign of testing, this person fell away. That was what happened to the young man in our example.

Let us pray: Heavenly Father, thank you for your assurance that when we put our faith in your Son, the Lord Jesus, our salvation is secure. Thank you for forgiving us our sins. We pray that many will hear the gospel message and believe and that their faith in the Lord Jesus will be unshaken no matter the opposition. In the precious name of the Lord Jesus, we ask. Amen.



  1. When you read the Bible, do you read the verses in their proper context? How has this devotion helped you to now read the Bible as it is intended?
  2. Where there are other passages that may seem to cause you concern, will you read these verses again in their proper context? When you are still in doubt, will you seek clarification from someone more spiritually mature to help you?
  3. Do you know someone who had stopped coming to church and seem to have fallen away or given up? Will you contact them and invite them to return back to the Lord? Will you pray for them?