Luke 23: 13-25


Pilate was running out of ideas. He sent Jesus to Herod, but Herod did not find any law that Jesus had disobeyed and sent Him back to Pilate. In all six trials, no one found any true reason for Jesus to die. Since Pilate was not a Jew, keeping the Jewish law did not matter to him. But he did want the Jewish religious leaders to like him. If he did not do what they wanted, they would complain about him. Pilate cared more about himself than about doing what was right.

Pilate was pleased to think of one more idea that might help him. Every year during Passover, the people could choose one prisoner to release from prison (Mark 15:6). A prisoner named Barabbas was a robber and had killed people. Pilate was sure the people knew Barabbas deserved to die for his many crimes. Pilate believed that the people would want Barabbas to stay in prison and to let Jesus go free. But the people chose Barabbas to go free. Pilate had Jesus beaten before letting the people kill him.   

Barabbas did many bad things yet was set free to live. And Jesus who did nothing wrong was taken away to die. Like Barabbas, we have all sinned and deserve the punishment for our sin (Romans 6:23). Like Barabbas, we can be set free (saved from hell and set free to live forever with God) because Jesus died in our place. Jesus took God’s punishment for our sin.


Jesus died even though He had done nothing wrong.



  1. What did Pilate hope would happen with Barabbas and Jesus?
  2. How are we like Barabbas?
  3. What did Jesus do for us? Have you thanked Jesus?


Acts 2:32-33