John 14:1 – “Trusting God”


John 14:1: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.”

Jesus had announced to His disciples that He was about to leave them. They were troubled and anxious for their own safety and wondering what would happen to them when Jesus was no longer with them. Jesus knew what was in their hearts so He offered this reply, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.”

Everyone faces troubles. Some of us face more troubles, others who are more fortunate face less troubles. Troubles may come in the form of losing jobs. It can come in the form of an illness that does not seem to go away. It can come in the form of a broken relationship that causes you much heartache. Trouble may come in the form of a sudden loss in income, a miscarriage, a traffic accident or the death of a loved one. If we allow ourselves to be worried by such troubles, we will behave like the disciples. We will become troubled, anxious, and stressed out. But it does not need to be like this. Jesus tells us, “Do not let your hearts be troubled.” Jesus is telling us that we have the power within us to decide whether we want to let our hearts be troubled or free from trouble. We can make a choice. Jesus is telling us that we do not need to face our troubles on our own. We face these troubles with God by our side. Trust in God who is always in control of all things. He knows what He is doing. He has infinite wisdom, infinite power and infinite love. And we have access to the Almighty God through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. That is why He said, “Trust also in me.”

I know someone who suffered a serious illness. Her condition was serious but she did not give up hope. She trusted God to restore her. She also persevered in all her rehabilitation exercises and she followed all her doctor’s instructions. Today, she is back at work and she is thankful that God had sustained her. She gives God the glory for all He has done for her. Like this woman, your troubles may not go away but you have the assurance that the Almighty God is by your side and you can trust Him with whatever happens to you. Will you do so?


Let us pray: Heavenly Father, we are so thankful that we have you by our side when we face troubles of various kinds and to know we can trust in you. That whatever happens to us, you are always in control.  Help us to always look to you and not at our circumstances. In Jesus Christ’ name we pray. Amen.



  1. What is worrying you this week? Instead of worrying, will you trust God and not be worried?
  2. To what extent will you trust God?
  3. What does the words “trusting God” mean to you?
  4. Share how God had helped you in the past out of your troubles.