John 18: 12–14 and 19–24


When the soldiers tied Jesus’ hands and took him away all the disciples ran into the darkness. They did not want to be captured too. Jesus was led to the home of Annas who had at one time been the high priest. Annas was called high priest his whole life even though his son-in-law Caiaphas was the high priest at this time. A high priest led all the other religious leaders and performed religious duties in the temple. Annas was not a good leader of God’s people. He cared more about making a profit from the money changing in the temple than teaching the people about God. Annas must have been angry when Jesus said the temple was a “den of robbers.” Caiaphas said about Jesus that it was better that “one man die for the nation” (John 11:49-53). Annas agreed.   

Jesus’ trial with Annas was the first of six trials. When someone is accused of doing something wrong there is a trial to find out what is true. After the truth is known, the person on trial is guilty or not guilty of the accusations. However, the religious leaders were not interested in the truth about Jesus because they had already decided He should die. They did not have a legal reason to kill Jesus because Jesus had done nothing against the law.  

The religious leaders knew it was important to follow the rules for a fair trial but during Jesus’ trials, they did not follow these rules. They were not to have trials at night, yet it was probably about midnight when Annas began questioning Jesus. Trials were not to start before there was a clear accusation. The religious leaders did not have any accusation of Jesus. A trial was to take place in the temple where all the people could listen, but Jesus was taken away into the home of the high priest. If Annas wanted to know the truth about Jesus, he would have followed the rules for a fair trial.  


Jesus had done nothing wrong.



  1. What happened to the disciples when Jesus was taken away?
  2. What kind of leader of God’s people was Annas?
  3. What did the religious leaders hope to find out during these trials?


Acts 2: 29-31