Mark 15:16-32


Jesus was badly beaten. The soldiers twisted a branch with long sharp thorns into a circle and pressed this “crown” down on His head. The cuts on Jesus’ back made it too hard for Him to carry the heavy cross. A man named Simon had to carry Jesus’ cross. 

They nailed Jesus to the cross. Pilate put a sign above Jesus that read: “The King of the Jews.” As hard as the Roman leaders tried, they could not find any reason for Jesus to die. So they decided to punish Jesus for saying He was a king. The Roman leaders did not want any kings to stir up a rebellion of the people against the Roman government. But they knew Jesus was not leading anyone to rebel against the Roman government.

Why did the sign read “King of the Jews” in three different languages? People speaking different languages were in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. Although the people spoke different languages each person understood at least one of the three languages on the sign (John 19:20). People thought they were killing Jesus because He led a rebellion against the Roman government.  

The religious leaders and even the people walking by yelled at Jesus. They told Him to come down from the cross and save Himself if He really was the Messiah King. Jesus could have come down from the cross. But Jesus wanted to do what God planned. God planned for Jesus to die to take the punishment for sin. Jesus could have saved Himself, but because of His love, He wanted to save us from having to take the awful punishment for our sin.


Jesus obeyed God’s plan to take the punishment for sin.



  1. What happened when Jesus could not carry the cross?
  2. Why were people speaking different languages in Jerusalem?
  3. Why did Jesus stay on the cross when He could have come down?


Acts 2:32-33