Luke 23:44-49


On the night Jesus was born, a very bright star lit up the sky like day. On the day Jesus died, the sky became dark as night. Jesus was nailed to the cross in the morning (Mark 15:25). At midday when the sun is usually the brightest, it became dark. God made the sun stop shining for three hours. God who has complete control over the sun, moon, and stars wanted people to know how much He hates sin.

There is no one like God. He is powerful and holy. Sin is never okay with God and He is right to punish sin. At the same time, God is merciful. That means He is kind to us when we do not deserve it. In His mercy God made a way to save us from death and hell so we can be in heaven and live with Him forever. Does that mean He just forgets about our punishment? Is God like a father who says, “I guess I will let it go this time”? If God let sin go without punishment, He would not be holy and just. God does not forget about our punishment. Jesus took the punishment for us. Because Jesus always obeyed God’s commands and never sinned, He was able to take our place. As Jesus hung on the cross, He took all the fierce anger and powerful hatred God has toward sin. And Jesus experienced a kind of pain greater than all the rest when the Father distanced Himself (Mark 15:34).

Because of God’s love and kindness, He planned for Jesus to be your substitute. And because of Jesus’ love for you He obeyed the Father’s plan. What did Jesus mean when He said, “It is finished” (John 19:30)? Jesus meant that He had finished taking all the punishment for our sin. Jesus loves you. He was punished in your place. 


Jesus died on the cross, taking all the punishment for sin.



  1. What happened to the sun on the day Jesus died?
  2. What does it mean that God is merciful?
  3. What did Jesus finish when He was on the cross?


Acts 2:32-33