2 Corinthians 5:9 “Our life’s goal”


2 Cor.5:9 “So we make it our goal to please Him, whether we are at home in the body or away from it.”


The story of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, is well known. He was born in 1964 and in order to practice and speak good English, he would cycle 17 miles every day to a hotel where there are foreign tourists and he would practice his English with the tourists and even offer to be their free tour guide. In order to enter University to study English, he had to sit for the annual entrance examinations and he sat for it 3 years in a row before he finally passed. After graduating, he applied for 33 different jobs and he was rejected 33 times. He even applied for a job with Kentucky Fried Chicken and he was one of the 24 applicants. He was the only applicant that failed to get a position with Kentucky Fried Chicken. But Jack Ma had a goal to be a success in life and he never lost sight of his goal. He did not allow minor setbacks and disappointments to make him lose sight of his goal for success. And he found his success finally when he started a career based on internet enterprises.

As a Christian, what is our goal in life? 2 Cor.5:9 reminds us that our goal in life is to please God. Why is this our most important goal in life? 2 Cor.5:10 tells us that one day, we will all have to stand before the judgment seat of God. The Lord Jesus Christ will judge us for all the things we have done in this life to please Him and based on that, He will give us his rewards. We must remember that if we make it our goal to make money and go after success, we will realize that when we die, we cannot take anything with us. All our money and worldly success must be left behind. But if we make pleasing God our goal in life, we will spend our time being a godly parent to our children. We will focus on bringing our children up to love, fear and obey God. We will spend our time on impacting lives of people to be the kind of people God wants them to be. This will in turn impact others beyond our imagination. We will focus on being good employees at our place of work. If we have staff working under us, we will focus on being good bosses. All these actions and more will be ones pleasing to God. People will see Christ in us when we make it our goal to please to Him, and He will be pleased.


Let us pray: Heavenly Father, you have created us to love and serve you. Help us to make it our life’s goal to please you all the days of our lives. Help us to never waver from this goal. In Jesus’ might name we pray. Amen.



  1. What is your goal in life? Discuss and share.
  2. Do you want to live to please yourself, or do you want to love to please God?
  3. We only have one life to live and after that, we stand before the Lord to account for how we live. What changes will you make in your life so that you will be more pleasing to God?