I Kings 17:2-4 “The Lord Provides.”


I Kings 17:2-4 “2 Then the word of the Lord came to Elijah. 3 Leave here, turn eastward and hide in the Keriath Ravine, east of the Jordan. 4 You will drink from the brook, and I have directed the ravens to supply you with food there.”


One of Israel’s kings was King Ahab. He was an evil king who led his nation into idol worship. God sent the prophet Elijah to King Ahab to announce that because of the nation’s idolatry, a great drought would fall over the nation for several years. As a sign to the people that God’s favor had left the nation, God also told Elijah to leave the land and flee and hide in one of the gorges near the Jordan Valley to the east of Israel. The area that Elijah fled to was a barren and dry area. But God promised that He would provide water from a brook and He will cause ravens to supply food to Elijah. Elijah trusted God and he obeyed God’s instructions. In 1 Kings 17:6, we are told that Elijah was fed bread and meat twice a day and he drank water from a brook just as God had promised. Ravens are scavengers and would normally be seen as unclean creatures to the Jews. But God used these unclean birds as His instruments to feed Elijah. At that time, to be able to eat meat twice a day was considered a great blessing. The fact that Elijah was fed well whilst the whole of Israel was under a severe drought and was hungry showed how miraculous this was. God faithfully provided for His chosen servant. Elijah was miraculously cared for even though he was hiding out in a barren and remote area.

During this global Covid-19 pandemic, there are people who have seen their jobs and income badly affected. Those working in the travel and hospitality industries like airlines, travel companies, hotels, restaurants, aircraft maintenance, tour businesses have been badly affected. We know of at least two people who worked in the aircraft industries who became jobless some time back. But God is gracious and they are still able to depend on their savings for a while until something comes along. We know of another person who is working for an airline. He is still being paid and he is still rostered for flights although the number of flights that he is now serving on has been reduced by more than 85%. He gets less allowances but he is glad he still has a job. We know someone who manages a tour and travel agency. During good times, she is constantly leading and planning and organizing tours. Because of the pandemic, the business has stopped. She is able to thank God that she can spend quality time with her family and friends and that she has enough savings to rely on. Looking back, she is thankful that God had enabled her to save enough in recent years so that she can now use her savings in difficult times.

Let us pray: Gracious Father, thank you for being our Provider. Thank you for the food that we have on our tables, the roof we have over our heads. Thank you for giving us our basic necessities. We humbly ask for your continued gracious provision so that we can focus on serving you wholeheartedly. In the name of the Lord Jesus we ask. Amen.



  1. How has God been providing for you during this pandemic?
  2. How can you thank Him for His gracious provision for you?
  3. Who do you know need encouragement as they face hard times because of the pandemic? How can you help them to trust in God at this time?