John 12: 1-8


How do we show Jesus our love for Him? Lazarus, Martha, and Mary were so grateful for all Jesus had done. Lazarus died but now he was alive. Jesus did what no one else could do.  Lazarus wanted to show Jesus his love. He honored Jesus with a special dinner. Martha started to prepare to serve all of Jesus’ favorite food to show her love for Him. How would Mary show Jesus her love?

The day came for Jesus and His friends to gather around the table with Lazarus. The freshly baked bread smelled good and everyone was hungry. Martha happily served the guests. She had decided to serve Jesus the rest of her life. Suddenly the aroma of freshly baked bread was overpowered by a sweet fragrance. What was it? All eyes were on Mary as she poured perfume on Jesus’ feet. This was no ordinary perfume. It had cost what one person earned in a whole year of work. In those days people poured this kind of perfume over the body of a loved one after death. 

Mary had always listened closely to Jesus as He spoke. Mary heard Jesus talk about death as the awful penalty of sin. When Lazarus died, Mary felt the sting of this truth. However, Mary heard Jesus call Himself the resurrection and the life and that He is the way for a person to be forgiven of sin and live forever with God. In pouring this perfume on Jesus, Mary was telling Jesus she believed Him. She trusted Jesus and knew what He said was true. Mary showed her love for Jesus by believing Him.  

Was Mary wasting her money? Judas thought so. Judas wanted the money for himself (Luke. 12:16-21). Judas heard Jesus talk many times but did not believe Him (Matt 26:14-16). Many people are like Judas. They hear about Jesus but do not believe what He says. Mary understood Jesus and believed Him (Matt. 13:23). 


Jesus gave His life so we can be forgiven.



  1. What did Mary believe about Jesus?
  2. What will you do to listen closely to Jesus’ words?
  3. How will you show your love for Jesus today?


Acts 2: 22-24
Discuss v. 22 “with mighty works and wonders and signs that God did through him in your midst, as you yourselves know”