Matthew 26: 36-46


Jesus knew His friends wanted to do what was right but they did not have the strength (Mark 14:38). When have you wanted to share with your brother or sister and then selfishly kept the best for yourself? When have you wanted to obey your mother and then did what she said not to do? When have you wanted to tell a friend about Jesus and then felt too afraid?

Jesus knows how God’s enemy Satan will tempt us (Matthew 4:1-11). Even though Jesus never sinned, He understands every temptation we will have. Jesus can help us not to sin because He is the only one who has never sinned (Hebrews 4:15). Learning from Jesus to “watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation” is important. Learning from Jesus’ example as He faced the hardest temptation of His life is powerful.

Jesus knew to pray and ask God for the strength to do God’s will. Dying on a cross was going to be very painful for Jesus. There was something even more painful for Him than the thorns and nails. Jesus who had never sinned would take all our sin upon Himself. Harder yet, Jesus knew His Father could not be close to sin and would not be near Him during that time. This was so hard for Jesus and He asked God if there was some other way to deal with our sin. When Jesus felt the weight of this temptation, He prayed and God gave Him strength to do His will.   

Our temptation will not be as hard as Jesus’ temptation, but we will be tempted not to do what God wants us to do. We are not strong or brave enough to do what God says to do. Jesus tells us to pray for God’s help when we are tempted (Matthew.6:13), and He will help us do what is right.


God gives strength to do His will.



  1. What did Jesus do when He was tempted?
  2. Why can Jesus give us strength not to sin when we are tempted?
  3. With what temptation do you need God’s strength?


Acts 2: 29-31
Discuss v. 30 “that he would set one of his descendents on his throne”