THE BAPTIST MOVEMENT IN MALAYSIA began on October 21, 1938 in Alor Setar.

Today there are more than 200 Baptist Churches throughout the whole of Malaysia.

While some Baptist Churches are registering growth, there are many more that are registering minimal growth and are very small. This problem is mainly due to the lack of pastors and financial resources. Therefore, KL Baptist Church through the Missions Programme sets aside a substantial amount of the yearly missions budget to assist other Baptist Churches that are in need as well as provide support in equipping people for God’s work. Besides working with Baptist Churches and Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary, KLBC also partners with the Sarawak Home Mission Board, Sabah Home Mission Board and the Malaysia Baptist Convention to carry out local mission work in the rural areas.

KL Baptist Church also partners with other Baptist organizations overseas to fulfill the Great Commission outside Malaysia. We hope to see Baptists working together to reach the world for the Lord. Your partnership in praying for and financially supporting the work is crucial for the achievement of this vision. World Missions requires us to have Kingdom Perspective. No one single person or church can ever reach the whole world for our Lord Jesus Christ.

KL Baptist Church believes in partnering with missionaries and missions organizations outside of the Baptist denomination for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. We are partnering with individuals through the various missions organizations for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Some of the primary areas that we have interest in are Vietnam, Central Asia, Philippines, Nepal, China and Thailand. The main reason that these countries are selected for our church’s focus is because these countries or areas are generally closed to the gospel work.

KL Baptist Church missions is based on FAITH GIVING. It depends solely on the designated giving of members over and above their tithing. Over the past 36 years, God has been faithful to provide sufficiently for the church’s mission work through the faithful giving of the church members. Many people have been blessed. Will you be part of this work?