Matthew 26:1-5


“Stop pushing,” a boy said to his brother. “We can see Jesus from here.” People crowded into the temple to hear Jesus teach. Thousands of people were in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover.  

Where were all the religious leaders? They were in the palace of the high priest for a special meeting. “How will we stop Jesus?” the religious leaders wondered. They did not like it when Jesus was in the temple and felt that they were not in control when Jesus was teaching. They started to plan how to kill Jesus but decided to wait until after the Passover crowds left Jerusalem. The people would not like their plan.    

God also had a plan. Jesus took His friends, the disciples aside and told them that in two days He would be killed. Jesus had always slipped away before they could catch Him. This time was different because it was time for Jesus to do what His Father had planned (John 4:34). The religious leaders thought they were in control of the plans for Jesus’ death, but God was in control. Jesus knew the prophet Isaiah had described His death (Isaiah 53). God’s power to carry out His plan is greater than man’s power. God planned for Jesus to die to take the punishment for sin. God planned for Jesus to die at Passover.  


Jesus knew it was God’s plan for Him to die at Passover.



  1. Why did the religious leaders want to kill Jesus?
  2. When did the religious leaders plan to kill Jesus?
  3. How was God’s plan different from the plan of the religious leaders?


Acts 2:22-24
Discuss v.24 “God raised him up loosing the pangs of death.”