The Singing Ambassadors‘ desire is to “change lives through music.”

Changing Lives Through Music

The group exists because of a common desire to use their individual musical and acting abilities to fulfill The Great Commission. Inherent to their main goal of “changing lives through music” are 3 other objectives:

To promote spiritual growth and maturity through the music ministry
To develop a continuous ministry to serve in
To encourage the use of their creative talents and technical skills

The Singing Ambassadors believe that the language of music is universal because it penetrates social and cultural borders that otherwise would prevent the spoken Word of God from reaching the world. Complimented by drama, the concerts they prepare become a powerful medium that God uses to bring many into His kingdom.

Besides performing locally, the group has traveled to various countries like Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost.

Through the 20+ years of ministry, the Ambassadors have inherited a rich legacy of multi-cultural and musical experience from the countries they have visited. Every missions tour has been fruitful because people turn to Christ for salvation and revival.

Many Ambassadors hold full-time jobs from a myriad of secular fields! They come back each week for rehearsals, training and fellowship. In spite of being volunteers, the commitment levels are high as the group believes that no effort should be spared to enable the audience coming to an Ambassador concert to spend a satisfying and meaningful evening.

But what has really kept the group going? Perhaps it is their love for music and drama; perhaps it is the thrill of seeing lives changed; or yet perhaps it is the bond that they have achieved while working with one another over the years. Whatever it is, they hope to keep on singing and acting till Jesus returns!

Some of their past musicals have been:

  • “The Apostle”
  • “The Victor”
  • “And There Was Light”
  • “Friends Forever”
  • “The Light Brigade”
  • “The Big Picture”
  • “And It Came To Pass”
  • “Dreamer”
  • “Prodigal“

God has never failed to amaze the group with His provisions and His strength for every project that they undertake. From a diversity of backgrounds, He continues to supply a pool of resources to the team as each new project brings in people with additional spiritual and creative skills. It is also the recognition and encouragement of the use of these gifts and talents that God has given The Singing Ambassadors which have motivated them to pursue their ministry with zeal and excitement. Perhaps it is His way of encouraging The Singing Ambassadors to keep on “changing lives through music.“