We are no longer islands cast adrift in and disconnected from the sea of humanity. Instead, we belong to community of fellow believers meeting together regularly to care for and encourage one another, learning how to apply God’s Word in our lives and to share the wonderful love of Jesus with others. As family members, we become accountable to each other. The Connect Group is a means of experiencing all that in church.

Life is meant to be shared. God intends us to experience life together.

Connect Groups were started informally in the early 1990s with the aim to fulfill the second greatest of all commandments “to love one another” by edifying each member and evangelizing the unreached. Through the Connect Group ministry, many believers have realized their potential and are actively serving in the church in various ministries; and in the community, reaching out and touching lives around them. In 1996, the

Connect Group Department was officially set up to oversee this ministry and its activities (worship, bible-study, evangelism, hospital visitations, social work, mission trips, etc).

Today, we have over 30 Connect Groups meeting in different locations within the Klang Valley on week nights to cater to the English-speaking as well as Chinese-speaking. Whether you are a young person or an adult – we have groups which cater to your needs and interests.

Life is meant to be shared. God intends us to experience life together. The Bible calls this “fellowship”. Real fellowship is much more than showing up at worship services. It is experiencing life together; shepherding one another; discovering, developing and deploying our spiritual gifts to serve the body of Christ.

Do not miss out on this blessing. “Come and taste that the Lord is good”.

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