The Social Club started in April 2000 with a holistic focus on integrating this group of people into society.

Social Club helps the members to develop basic skills in normal living as well as look into the spiritual, mental and emotional need of these special young adults and their parents (a Parents’ Support Group runs simultaneously with the Social Club activities at the same time).

We help people with learning disabilities to:

  • Interact and participate in normal social or leisure activities;
  • Offer friendship and support to the families and to have their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs met;
  • Promote public awareness and encourage involvement in meeting the social and emotional needs of this special group of people
Social Club Meeting Schedule
1st Saturday of the Month9am – 12pmEducation Block

© Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church 2019. All rights reserved.

© Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church 2019. All rights reserved.