Job Summary

This teaching position requires the candidate to have a sound knowledge of Pure Science subjects, especially at the higher grade levels for students preparing to sit for their IGCSE.

The candidate is expected to teach, explain and provide guidance and direction to the students in the subjects.

Essential Functions

  • Teach and explain subject contents to the students.
  • Assign homework/projects to ensure that students show understanding of the subject matter.
  • Mark/grade all given work.
  • Assess students’ mastery and knowledge of the subject matter after teaching them.
  • Compile all test scores of students for Homeschool record and for parents to view as and when needed. Eg. at Parents-Teachers’ Conference/ staff meetings or when requested by the Headmistress.
  • Attend staff meetings/meetings with parents whenever requested.
  • Work together with the other teachers in guiding/teaching/assessing students’ performance /progress.
  • Help out on Awards Day cum Concert of KLBC Homeschool at the main church.
  • Attend training sessions given by Eduseeds Headquarters when called upon to do so.



  • Vacancy is only open to Malaysians.
  • Verification of reference and referral sources and statements.
  • Completion of all required forms and documents including, but not limited to, an application form and ministry questionnaire.

© Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church 2019. All rights reserved.

© Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church 2019. All rights reserved.