Full-time Homeschool Teacher
at KLBC Desa ParkCity

Job Summary

This teaching position requires the candidate to have a sound knowledge of Bahasa Malaysia and lower grade Math subjects. The candidate is expected to teach, explain and provide guidance and direction to the students in the subjects.


Essential Functions

  • Teach and explain subject contents to the students.
  • Assign homework/projects to ensure that students show understanding of the subject matter.
  • Mark/grade all given work.
  • Assess students’ mastery and knowledge of the subject matter after teaching them.
  • Compile all test scores of students for Homeschool record and for parents to view as and when needed. Eg. at Parents-Teachers’ Conference/ staff meetings or when requested by the Headmistress.
  • Attend staff meetings/meetings with parents whenever requested.
  • Work together with the other teachers in guiding/teaching/assessing students’ performance /progress.
  • Help out on Awards Day cum Concert of KLBC Homeschool at the main church.
  • Attend training sessions given by Eduseeds Headquarters when called upon to do so.



  • Vacancy is only open to Malaysians.
  • Verification of reference and referral sources and statements.
  • Completion of all required forms and documents including, but not limited to, an application form and ministry questionnaire.

Email CV to waimeng@klbc.org.my.